(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His  TRUE  Name [either in admiration or in shame] !)  Philip.2:10 KJV
(No wonder Gd Almighty is sorry He ever made you, if you dont even want His Name.) Gen.6:6; Rom.1:28 KJV 

So . . . . The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him.”   Ps.37:32 KJV
So . . . . The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him.”  Brother Keen

Copies of this signboard by Pontius Pilate are available.  [parchment or heavy photopaper]   [36″ x 12″]

As a Roman, Pilate spoke Latin first and also enough Hebrew to rule over YaHUDIM (Jews).

Pilate noticed the great envy of the Priests. [Mark 15:9,10].  Pilate composed a title signboard which
angered the Priests.   Scripture mentions only their anger about the term ‘King of the Jews‘.
But remember, YaHUDIM (Jews) are such masters of literature that they commonly utilize and
recognize things like gematria, acronyms,  E.L.S., etc. and would immediately see it, if Pilate used a
four-letter acronym like YHWH.    Pontius Pilate probably antagonized them with those four letters.

If you grumble that the word “AND” does not appear in the  KJV   of John 19:19, then you must

also admit that neither does the word “JESUS”  appear on the signboard by Pontius Pilate
BTW:  That word “AND” would have appeared by Pilate (a Roman) as only one Hebrew letter: “Waw”.
BTW:  That word “AND”  is often provided in Roman signs.
BTW:   “AND” is a common conjunction for New Testament clauses :  Rev. 12:17 ; Rev.14:12  !
The Late Great Israeli Rabbi Kaduri  used the letter “waw” for AND  in his deathnote in 2006 AD. 
So, these two serious titles (possibly or probably) formed an acronym by using the conjunction  “AND” !

If it read:

  YaHUShuA             theNazarene*            AND  King of              theYaHUDIM“,

  ^                  ^                      ^                      ^

acronym is >>   Y H W H  !
The (probable) acronym ignored the name of the one being crucified.
The (probable) acronym spelled the Name that would insult the priests.  Mark 15:9,10
The Late Great Israeli Rabbi Kaduri  used the letter “waw” for AND  in his deathnote in 2006 AD.
We underlined his letter for the word “AND“.

ירים  העם  ויוכיח  שדברו  ותורתו  עומדים

                       TRANSLATION: He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

He included a six-letter acronym which spelled messiah’s name exactly like Moses & I spell it >> YHUSUA ! 
We’ve said it before and will say it again . . . the five-letter spelling is equally valid and omits the second  U.
You can go to GOOGLE IMAGES to see the original death-note.   Some photos encircle the acronym.


Pilate’s sign emphasizes the YaH which actually does appear in the first word and the last word of each line.
YaH is also the most permanent part of the new name of “Joshua”, (by Moses) in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
The spelling of “Joshua” in Acts 7:44 and Heb.4:7 refers to Mosess spelling  in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
You LukeWarm who toy with the Spirit of Error (1John 4:6) provoke the Holy Spirit at your own risk.

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