(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His  TRUE  Name [either in admiration or in shame] !)  Philip.2:10 KJV
(No wonder Gd Almighty is sorry He ever made you, if you dont even want His Name.) Gen.6:6; Rom.1:28 KJV 

So . . . . The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him.”   Ps.37:32 KJV
So . . . . The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him.”  Brother Keen

ROLOFF     |||     WORLD’S ONLY?     |||      EXTRA FACTS

Roloff || World’s Only ?

It’s a battlefield, brother,
not a recreation room,
It’s a fight and not a game !
Run if you want to, run if you will,
but TRUTH came here to stay !


Dear Dufus*,  Our Savior is going to divide the spoils with the strong.  IS. 53:12a ; EPH.6:1417    *Lukewarm
Dear Dufus,    If your Spirit component does not “EAT” & “REPRODUCE”,-it is as dead as a corpse.   1Cor. 2:14
Dear Dufus,   The Bible example (about secret sin) is the prospect of public exposure.  Remember ?    Jn. 25:17

Roloff || World’s Only ?

World’s  First  Holy  Name  Street  Preacher, Bro. Noah !

World’s Only (?) Holy Name Street Preacher, Bro. Keen ?

To Whom it May Concern:

1. The Ten Comm. is also a perfect sword, but is practically discarded !   Ps.19:7
2. Where ever you find comfort (outside the Holy Spirit) it will turn into a trap.
3. Concerning Street Preachers:  Spring Breakers who mock them, & Police who abuse them are not as cursed as churchypeople who scorn them.
4. Before conversion, the Ten Comm. guides a person toward: Realize / Repent / Receive.
After conversion, the training (discipling) is not complete without the Ten Commandments !

Obedience for Salvation   ≠   Obedience for Growth
“Born Again”   ≠   “Strong Meat”
Childhood   ≠   Adulthood
“Novice”   ≠   “Elder”
“babes in Christ”   ≠  “hardness as a good soldier”
“WORKS” with ignorance of Torah   ≠   “WORKS” with knowledge of Torah


Hear the word of  YaHUaH, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, “Let THE LORD be glorified”: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed


                                                                                                                 ISAIAH 66:5

Luke 16:31 – 17:1 (KJV)
And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets,
neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

Any Plan of Salvation which alters the simplicity that is in Messiah,
is a doctrine of demons.

Roloff || World’s Only ?

You have been trained/brainwashed to disregard
Jer.31:31,32,33  and  Heb.8:8,9,10  
where it specifies “MY” Laws.
Laws’ (Irreducible Minimum)
is the Ten Commandments.
You still don’t care, do you?
If He didn’t write
“MY” Laws into your
then you are not part of
The House of Judah and the House of Israel.
OK ?

Romans 3:19 – 20 (KJV)
19Now we know that what things soever the law saith,
it saith to them who are under the law:
that every mouth may be stopped,
and all the world may become guilty before God. 

20Therefore by the deeds of the law
there shall no flesh be justified in his sight:

 for by the law is the knowledge of sin.   

1 John 3:4 (KJV)
4Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law:
for sin is the transgression of the law.  

1 Corinthians14:34 (KJV)

Let your women keep silence in the churches:
for it is not permitted unto them to speak;
but they are commanded to be under obedience,
as also saith the law.   >>  Gen.3:16


 The “Change of Priesthood” eliminated about a third of “The Law”,
but the remainder serves to instruct us Repentant and
create conviction (guilt trip) on the un-Repentant.  
The three verses above tell me that the
Ten Commandments
show sinners where to begin their
Shameful preachers today, won’t clarify where to begin repentance.
“Repentance” has been described as a “vomit by your spirit”.
Your spirit actually got rid of something permanently !
The Savior required it twice in Lu. 13:3,5  !!
Poor dullards can ask for forgiveness
and still miss Salvation
if they won’t
leave their

Testimonies & parables & Bible stories
are a polite, social invitation to un-Repentant people,
but the Ten Commandments are the top Scriptural prescription.

The Ten Commandments lists the top ten offenses against Elohim.
The law of YaHUaH is perfect, converting the soul: 

Loving Elohim, and neighbor as thyself
is done after conversion.
Is that complicated
to you ?

Ps. 19:7a  

Roloff || World’s Only ?

You’re right.
Nobody can make you love or care.
But we-who-can, urge you-who-can’t . . .
“Come, let us reason together, saith Yahuwah . . .”

“…….he that believeth not the Son shall not see life;
John 3:36

The Holy Spirit can reveal something really funny, when He wants to.
He can show a humble person how their humility
can convict and distress
a proud person.

Ancient Descriptions>



 ( approx. 350 A.D. )
Quotations by early church fathers (socalled)

 The first believers in YaHUShuAwere
a Jewish sect known as Nazarenes”,
or in the Hebrew language “N’tzarim ” (Acts 24:5 28:22).
[[Also see: Acts 5:17 ; 15:5]]

, Church Father ”, (4th Century) described these Nazarenes as :

“. . those who accept Messiah in such a way that they do not cease to observe the old Law. ” 
( Jerome on Isaiah 8:14 ).

  Epiphanius ,
Church Father ”, (4th Century) gives this more detailed description :
But these sectarians ….   did not call themselves Christians   but Nazarenes, ”. . . . . .     However they are simply complete Jews.  They use not only the New Testament but the Old Testament as well, as the Jews do….. They have no different ideasbut confess every thing exactly as the Law proclaims it, and even in the Jewish fashion except for their belief in Messiah, if you please For they acknowledge both the resurrection of the dead and the divine
creation of all things, and declare that GdisOne, and that His Son is Yshua the Messiah.  They are trained to a nicety in Hebrew,  for among them the entire Law, the Prophets, and the Writings are all read in Hebrew as done by the Jews.  But they are different from the Jews and different from the Christians only in the following.  They disagree with the Jews because they have come to faith in Messiah, but since they are still attached to the Law (the Sabbath, circumcision and the rest) they disagree with the Christians . . . .so they are nothing but Jews .
. . .
     They have the Good News according to MATTHEW in its entirety in Hebrew.     For it is clear that they still preserve this (book) in the Hebrew Alphabet, as it was originally written.

(Panarion 29, 9:1, famous, Epiphanius)
Full Credit: Nazarenes , Dr. Trimm , (Internet) ,

Recommended reading: (a source book), 
the 3rd greatest book ! ,  $10.00,

Publish the Name of Yahuwah


(Detractors, infiltrators, anti-missionaries, and de-bunkers
should not be the ones most interested.)


Two more “TOP SECRET”  facts are free if you ask, at :  yahu2@yahu2.com
 They are so-called because they are so hidden (de-rated) by all Religious Authorities, good and bad.


Interesting corollary passage from the Apocrypha.
. . . but in the land of their captivities they shall remember themselves.
And shall know that I am YHWH their Elohim: for I will give them a
heart, and ears to hear: And they shall praise me in the land of their
captivity, and think upon my name, And return from their stiff neck,
and from their wicked deeds: for they shall remember the way of their
, which sinned before YHWH. And I will bring them again into
the land which I promised with an oath unto their fathers, Avraham,
Yitzchak, and Ya’akov, and they shall be masters of it: and I will
increase them, and they shall not be diminished. And I will make an
everlasting covenant with them to be their Elohim, and they shall be
my people: and I will no more drive my people of Israel out of the
land that I have given them. 
                            (Barukh (Baruch) 2:30-35)  











Part 1,
Elementary Principles,
Chapter 2,
Section 23,
Page 80,
Item 4
The “hey”  is stronger and firmer than the  “aleph” ,
and never loses its consonantal sound (i.e. quiesces)
[[becomes passive, inactive, quiet, without sound, vowel-less]]
in the middle of a word2; on the other hand, at the end of a word
it is always a mere vowel letter unless it is expressly marked
by a Mappiq as a strong consonant. 

—-2  Only apparent exceptions are such proper names as . . . . ., which are compounded of two
words and consequently sometimes divided.





as edited and enlarged by the late
















Part 1,
The Elements,
Chapter 2,
Section 23,
Page 81,
Item 4

  4. The “hey”  is stronger and firmer than the  “aleph” ,
and never loses its consonantal sound (i.e. quiesces)
[[becomes passive, inactive, quiet, without sound, vowel-less]]
in the middle of a word except in the cases [[names]] noted below,
in which it is completely elided by syncope.
[[i.e. fused / assimilated / totally consumed by surrounding phonics]] 






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Page iii


Disobedient Religious Authorities know wicked men supply Beach Lifeguards, yet THEY! dont supply ministers.
Disobedient Religious Authorities favor pagan Dec.25 more than the facts leading to  Feast of Tabernacles.
Disobedient Religious Authorities tolerate Acts 15:21 & “My Feasts” & “My Sabbaths” less than,  Halloween !
Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators, 100± A.D., who wrote “slave” [not servant] !
Disobedient Religious Authorities diminish both His Name and Ex.20:7, where guilt is guaranteed.  Philip.1:28
Disobedient Religious Authorities dont see that Torah Observance, like bouquets, is a reflection of affection ! 
Disobedient Religious Authorities “cannot understand”: Satans gameplan is his Transfer of Authority.  Matt.4:9

Disobedient Religious Authorities “cannot understand”: The Slanderer perfects stealth by hiding in Gr. word “devil”.

Disobedient Religious Authorities confuse obedience for Born Again with obedience for Growth.      Rom.8:29a

Disobedient Religious Authorities teach us: when the Creator returns He will submit to Constantine
s Day of Rest.
Disobedient Religious Authorities bombast about THE ROCK then hide the everlasting Name of the THE ROCK !
Disobedient Religious Authorities cite Rom.14:5 to promote sunday for worship, -but de-rate Sabbath for rest.
Disobedient Religious Authorities just dont care that 200 ordained languages name the seventh day, “Sabbath”!

Disobedient Religious Authorities cant see that His Birth/Return at Sukkot commemorates deliverance from wilderness !
Disobedient Religious Authorities beware ! Yahs offer of repentance is a retractable offer. 2Tim.2:25; Gen.6:3a

Disobedient Religious Authorities also hide demonstrative, clamorous PRAISE prescribed in the original Hebrew.
Disobedient Religious Authorities wont teach the definition of “devil” (which does cripple your discernment).
Disobedient Religious Authorities wont tell ignorant sinners what the Bible says sin is.   1 John 3:4
Disobedient Religious Authorities call sinners to “salvation” saying almost anything except “REPENT” ! 
Disobedient Religious Authorities and Constantine relegate His Sabbaths & His Name to obscurity. Is.56:6,7
Disobedient Religious Authorities in Germany favored Hitler & Rome & Grand Mufti.   Are they different now ?
Disobedient Religious Authorities wont submit to the “New Commandment“, so, can’t convey it among us !
Disobedient Religious Authorities wont be there to whispers answers on your day of Judgement.
Disobedient Religious Authorities know that the Greek orig. spells James as Jacob and Easter as Passover !
Disobedient Religious Authorities injure us ! , -won’t translate Gr.”devil” into Eng.”slanderer” !  2Thess. 2:9-12
Disobedient Religious Authorities today don’t recommend “sackcloth & ashes” or explain the word “Halleluyah”.
Disobedient Religious Authorities even neglect students struggling with serpentine propaganda on evolution.
Disobedient Religious Authorities lead “Born Again Jews” into ostracism, while themselves cower from it !
Disobedient Religious Authorities show more indulgence to pagan Sports Events than to My Holy Name”.  Eph.4:27
Disobedient Religious Authorities wrench money even from cripples-in-pain, yet hide Yahs Name !
Disobedient Religious Authorities are guilty of Identity Theft We “Profitable Servants” assert Yah !  2Tim.3:16

Disobedient Religious Authorities whine when merchants diminish Christ at Christmas, yet they diminish His real birthday !
Disobedient Religious Authorities & heretic-hunting “dogs” visit here, but get Scripturally corrected !  Gen. 7:16b  
Disobedient Religious Authorities could serve as clowns, subordinated to Torah-“observant” youth. Ps. 83:16
The Scriptures serve many purposes such as being a War Manual for this War Zone, – and deserve close study.

REWARDS & CONFISCATION                                  
Scriptures later.

PPs. Supplementary Comments 

Between earth and the third heaven is an “ocean” of demons.   Daniel 10:12,13,14 ; Eph.2:2 ; 1John 5:19 

FYI:  The “O.T.” implies two themes of prophecy about a coming Messiah: one suffering, -one kingly.
“Jewish” people worldwide expect one or two men to manifest everything in one visit, without doubts.  
Born-Again people see the Spring & Fall Feasts and discern that one Messiah will fulfill
all the prophecies but use two visits to fulfill all.  
 An Extremely Valuable Revelation
1 Corinthians 2:9(KJV)  ref. Isaiah 64:4  
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man,
the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 
The very border/ edge/ qualification/ threshhold for the benefits is hidden in that word “LOVE”.
Knowledge is not enough.   Love happens when you see that He suffered to help you escape His
“wrath to come” and you care enough to keep His commandments.   Either you do or you don’t.  
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

PPPs.    In correspondence, these are my response-Scriptures
which teach us to remember the Sabbath:    

The Ten Comm. never possess the power to save from the wrath of Elohim.
The Ten Comm. is a spiritual mirror, FOREVER !!!  James 1:23,24,25 ; Is.2:3
The Ten Comm. is also a perfect sword, but is mostly discarded ! Ps.19:7
The Ten Comm. serve forever to describe acceptable obedience.  Ps.119:1 – 174 !!!
The Ten Comm. AND the Feasts were both honored by Paul. Acts 18:21 ; Matt. 19:17
The Ten Comm. administrators suppressed YaHUaH’s Name 2000yrs ago. Lu.11:52

Here’s a custom that is like a banister beside a cliff.
Romans 1:16-32 says that we who remember “My Holy Day”,
have a custom which is a real key to personal protection. 

We who remember His Sabbath do regularly consent to
glorify Elohim as Creator on YaHUaH’s Day !!!. 

Those who did not glorify Elohim as Creator
“changed the truth of God into a lie”
and were released by Elohim
to be horribly shamed
and destroyed.

OK ?

His “two-edged” sword in Rev.1:16 resembles Ten Comm. with its two domains !
It’s a “mirror”, “a fire and a Hammer” ! It makes “the birds sing & the rats run” !
“New-born babes in Christ” can’t recall all “TEN”, but SHOULD know Abba’s Name.
The Ten Comm. reveals: “sinfulness of sin”>> “mercifulness of Messiah”. Ps.19:7a
Avoiding theTen Comm. deforms you,-twists Paul (2Pet.3:16),-resembles Jud.2:10 !
Dozens of environmental elements have been perfectly balanced together as
necessary, by YaHUaH, to let life live here on earth.  In return, He asked us to
honor One Comm. in Eden and/or Ten, later.   But Filthy flesh sneers !                  

Sunday-Rest sheeple (ignorant of Elohim’s Name) act dumber than devils ! Ac.19:15
Sunday-Rest sheeple (claim to) do better in their care-less casket W/O His Name !
Sunday-Rest sheeple (who prefer TV instead of this authority) must step aside.
Sunday-Rest sheeple (who ignore His Ten Comm.) sure will face a “culture shock” !
Sunday-Rest sheeple (try to serve two masters) “Jesus” & Constantine-the-Criminal !

Something is wrong !  Something is “very baaad wrong”
when Disobedient Religious Authorities put
more importance on Leviticus 19:26b
than the Ten Commandments.


Disobedient Religious Authorities are fooling with fire 
who pervert Yahs people “to change His own day of rest”.
Feebleminded converts never comprehend that a Ruler must Rule with Rules.
IQ Recommendation:  Enough IQ to connect these eight points :
Ex.20:1-17-  existence of “Godly” Commandments ;
Dan.7:25- permanence of “Godly” Commandments ;
Matt.5:17- permanence of “Godly” Commandments ;
Matt. 7:11-  restoration of “Godly” Commandments ;
Rev.12:17-  permanence of “Godly” Commandments ;
Rev.22:14-  permanence of “Godly” Commandments ;
2Cor.7:10- repentance for breaking “Godly” Commandments ;
 quality of original repentance for breaking “Godly” Commandments.                   

You’re right ! When the Father said,”This is my beloved Son”, He didn’t mention the Commandments.
You’re right ! When Paul rejoiced about miracles done for Gentiles, he didn’t credit the Commandments

YaHUShuA was supposed to be recognized by His people as The Messiah even without a loud proclamation !
Ten Commandments are supposed be recognized by His people as perpetual even without a loud proclamation ! 

Yet the Commandments are Spiritual and as EVERLASTING as conviction by the Holy Spirit !!! 1Timothy 1:9
To avoid “the depths of Satan”, 1Cor.6:9,10,  is inferior to the pursuit of the heights of YaHUaH !  Ex.20:2-17 !
Here’s what happens:    Metamorphosis ;  Greek 3339: metamorphoo :   Rom.12:2 ;  Philippians 4:8 ;  2 Cor. 3:18
The Ten Commandments served like Constraints before Calvary/Pentecost, but now, like Desires !  James 2:12
As CONSTRAINTS  on the Family of God, like stop signs, flashing lights, and guard rails, –commands are life-less. 
As DESIRES  in the Family of G-d, like reverence, affection and patience, -they “morph” into ways to express life.
And the New Testament/New Covenant (of HIS blood) commends all Ten Commandments as DESIRES !     OK ?
Which criminal act should bear the worse penalty:
to subvert HIS Commandments or to
obliterate HIS Name ?  Matt. 5:19
Friendly reminder: some of us
care very much


  Heb.8:10 is a quote of Jer.31:33-
Heb.10:16 is a quote of Jer.31:33-                      
  Jeremiah 31:33 (Heb.#8451)  =  TORAH  =
                Isaiah 51:7 (Heb.#8451)  =  TORAH  =  
            Hebrews 8:10 (Gr.#3551)  =  TORAH  =
Hebrews 10:16 (Gr.#3551)  =  TORAH  =
Matthew 5:18 (Gr.#3551)  =  TORAH

Matthew 7:23 (Gr.#458)  =  ANTI  –  TORAH 
The Savior threatens with that word >    ANTI  –  TORAH

in Matt.7:23, and mercy !, WHATATHREAT !    
in Matt.7:23, and mercy !, WHATATHREAT !    
in Matt.7:23, and mercy !, WHATATHREAT !    

   FATAL FACT:    The importance of His Name is truly Great.
BUT, . . . the following four appeals-
Matt. 7:21, 22, 23 ! ! ! ! 
used His Name, begging,
-but were still disregarded because
those people had disregarded His Torah. 
—and people still don’t care ?

So, pleeease
allow YaHUaH to speak (as well as Paul) about the Covenant Nation.
Ex.31:13,16,17 ;  Ez.20:12,20  [Acts 21:20-26]
“TORAH” & “ANTI – TORAH” (underlined above) are quotes directly from YAH Himself.
You have no counter-argument against YaHUaH ! !  

[[A similar rejection by Our Rescuer is taught in
Matt.25:41, but for lack of “good works“.]]


Connect these DOTS !
They are “World Class” !
The same Greek word used to express  “transgression of the Law“, in 1Jn.3:4,
is the same Greek word used to express “iniquity” in Matt.7:23
A  N  D
tries hard to warn us all about the connected horrors !
The Holy Spirit is calling us all to care
because warnings about it
appear a dozen times.

If you won’t care, – you won’t grow straight.   Isaiah 63:19  

A similar rejection by Our Rescuer is taught in  Matt.25:41, but for lack of “good works

Speaking of hidden ancient basics, -here’s another.
The Romans were famous for conquoring other nations and confiscating their gods,
except Israel”s “God”.

Constantine of Rome, passed laws that carried violent penalties, which required
the elemination of the “Jewish” Sabbath and rest on the “Day of the Sun”.
Since he also presided over the Council of Nicea, his prejudice is our best
assurance that his “SUNDAY” rest was not on the “Jewish” Sabbath rest.
Constantine was famous for promoting Christianity and equally famous
for despising Judaism.
A variety of differing calendars and differing death penalities in that era
challenge our certainty that Saturday is the true Sabbath.
But our best guess is that the real Sabbath is the day preceeding Sunday
because that day has never been disputed by the tradition of the YaHUDIM
(those who praise YaHUaH) / (Jews), worldwide.


Scripture can prove that both Creation & Redemption were concluded on Sabbath ! Some of us care !

In Col.2:16 Paul is exalting The Savior and explaining the change of Judges,
[from Israelites to The Savior/The Word], not a change of commandments.
In Heb.7:12 Paul is exalting Our Rescuer and explaining the change of Priesthood,
[from sacrificial Lambs to crucifixion], not a change of commandments.
[Can’t you understand?]
Peter says that teachers can twist(wrest) that into your destruction.
Many N.T. scriptures, including Pauls, affirm sustain Yahs Commandments
but not as the criterion for Salvation. [Salvation is through YaHUShuAs blood
. 1 Jn.1:7]
Remember, Abbas Love was first fixed on His Son, not on the Commandments !)
Only criminals would dare to falsify the wording in an earthly covenant.  Jer.31:33
Why are
Sunday worshippers so eager to fool with the terms of YaHUaHs Covenant ?
Reliable accounts still exist to document research that in the Dark Ages
thousands and thousands and thousands of SabbathResters
were hunted & tormented & tortured & massacred by Sunday-Worshippers.
i.e.  Sunday-Worshippers murdered Sabbath-Resters by the thousands !
(The difference is obvious, and also the Righteous Superiority, FOREVER !!!  Rev.22:11)
The dangers have changed, but Scripture still shows that Sabbath-keeping
is acceptable worship.

Paul de-rated “THE LAW” only “for salvation”.
Rebels still twist Paul’s words to their own destruction
People still despise the Sabbath, even though “there is therefore now no condemnation” !
The pattern for the Ark of the COVENANT was prescribed in stern detail.   Ex.25:9,40 ; Acts 7:44
The pattern for the Nation of the COVENANT was begun by the “glass” of the Ten Comm. Ja.1:23
YaHUaH directed the Terms of the New Covenant to Judah & Israel. Jer.31:31  Some of us care !

Dark sayings, parables, mysteries, prophecies, Revelations, acronyms, numerologies, etc. abound.
The Ten Commandments is  A Great Stabilizer, but is kept obscure by Disobedient Authorities.
Ps.19:7; Ez.20:20 ; Heb.8:10 ; Is.51:7
If you misunderstand Paul and you derate the Rules of The Ruler, you deserve that level [forever]
Millions & millions assume the King of Kings will return, and submit to Constantines Day of Rest. Is.66:23
No hard feelings, –please !
Ps. Wisemen know that the Hebrew in Rev.1:10 does not mean Sunday, but means
 Isaiah 13:6,9 ; Jer.46:10 ; Mal.4:5
My-Oh-My !  Mercy !  It will be an ugly moment when the Lukewarm / Uncaring types
suddenly realize who got to confiscate their possessions Matt.25:28 ; Heb.10:24 ; Lu.8:18 


WE were all pursuaded to forget the Sabbath Day, but:
YaHUShuA re-affirms it in our New Covenant, and
. . . .
told us simply “break one = break all”, and
. . . .
    to remember it is acceptable worship (widows mite)and
. . . .
   to remember it helps us avoid Lu.21:35, and
. . . .
 to remember it does accommodate Lu.21:36, and
. . . .
    Col.2:16 would never contradict Col.2:8, and
 . . . .
   Col.2:16 reversed Judges, not Sabbaths, and
. . . .
since He told us what He wants, He will be the Judge, and
. . . .
Sunday-keepers murdered us, by the thousands, and
. . . .
    Elijah is now about to restore Sabbaths, and
. . . .
             both Sabbath & Saints are designated as being both Blessed & Holy !  Rev. 20:6
The King will enforce Sabbaths for a 1000yrs !  Rev. 20:6
Jer.31:31,32,33; Matt.17:11; Lu.12:43; Jn.14:24; 2Thess.2:10,11,12

  Friendly, but unrelenting , unrelenting , Question:
If you wont keep Elohims Sabbath in any way,
then why do you claim that you repented of your sins ? 
1 Jn.3:4
Matt. 22:12b
  All SpiritFILLED people desire the Apostles Doctrine which obviously
honors Yahs Sabbaths and His Name.   Acts 2:1,38,42 ; Ps.138:6

(Chronobiology has discovered Circaseptan !  i.e. a seven-day cycle.)
(Research shows that Sabbath-Keepers generally tend to live longer.)
(SABBATH is in the N.T. 62 times, but FIRST DAY , only eight times.)
If you respond properly to the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can grow.
 Spiritual invitations to grow, do expire (Gen.6:3).
Love & Obedience are voluntary, but Scripture needs to provoke you
about the Risk in Rewards and/or the Horrors in Hell.
Beware of “All the counsel of G-d” and “The Law of the Spirit”, because
forfeiture and confiscation become permanent.    Is that OK with you ?

  S C R I P T U R A L   D A N G E R
These “SEEMINGLY RIGHTEOUS” people ignored Torah*, and so
these “SEEMINGLY RIGHTEOUS” people had to depart in horror.
Matt.7:21-23*Iniquity(anti-Torah) = Gr.#458 = Heb.#6586 = Transgressors* Is.66:24 

Our Dear Rescuer faced extreme humiliation and agony, yet He did not “cheat“.
Concerning His Name & His Sabbaths & graven images, “converts” do “cheat
Isaiah 1:18 says to be reasonable
STOP awhile and consider Acts Chapter 15.
It is a marvelous beginning for “neworn babes”.
Acts15:1 shows a rediculous point of view for the new converts in 1Peter2:2.
Acts 15:21 shows a wonderful point of view for the new converts in 1Peter 2:2,   

want to grow & learn about the remnants of TORAH.
Now Elohims Sabbath was perpetuated many times as The Law of Elohim.
Blood-sacrifices got terminated and were better-known as The Law of Moses.

YaHUaH created several million types of creatures and a planet to house them.
The conscience of most all mankind has been ruined (“seared”) concerning His Sabbath

The convulsions in The Revelation will take it all away
 Matt.7:23*  S P E C I F I E S  an undescribable penalty

It teaches that one could even preach in His Name then
His TORAH commandments, and lose everything.
Your interest in  YaHUaHs/YaHUShuAs  Sabbath
will cause more religious ostrasicism to you than
would happen to to a Minister who joins
a secret cult (like the Masons or
Fed.Res. or CFR or KKK).
Paul’s writings
have been “wrested” !!
2Peter 3:16; Ephesians 4:15
If a little coin like the “widows mite”
is acceptable worship, then you know that
sanctifying His Sabbath is also acceptable worship.

Rebels are not willing to pray about this truth.  Is.8:20 
The repentant Prodigal finally “came to himself”.  Luke 15:17

The most reliable people on earth are the ones who care the most about
The Ten Commandments and Yahs Name and His Unspeakable Gift ! Jer.31:31-33
Elohim is ‘bewildered’ at why people prefer defeat, oppression, stoning or even beheading !
Hos.6:4; Num.33:55,56

Visitors need to remember that proofs in scripture are often scattered
among several verses and are just too many to all be listed.


Sunday worshippers   VS   2 nd Comm. !!
Sunday worshippers repeatedly bear false witness.
Sunday worshippers do not Love & Declare “YaHUaH”.  
Sunday worshippers (w/o Ten Comm.) ˜ deception of Jacob > Leah . 
 Sunday worshippers look weak because they discard power in the Ten Comm.
Sunday worshippers have left  Jn.13:34 & 2 Tim.3:12  so scarce, you may not find it. 
Sunday worshippers violate Col.2:8 saying that Col.2:16 reversed Sabbaths instead of Judges !
Malachi chap.4 is a warning for us to “remember” the Torah (per Heb.8:10; 10:16) , now, -RIGHT NOW !
Malachi chap.4 teaches: the “spirit of Elijah” was brave and killed 400 False Preachers who mingled error. Deu.13:5-10
 Malachi chap.4 teaches: the Torah given to Moses (rightlydivided) will be expected right up to that very last moment. 
   1John 3:4 – “sin”, means Torah -less !  
       Matt.7:23 -“iniquity”, means Torah -less !     
   2 Pet.3:16  >>  The Church & The World act care -less, by the millions ! 
The whole world prefers the consequences more than the Ten Commandments and/or the Gospel ! 

Ps.  We who are saved are “in Him”.  He is our Sin, Blood, Firstfruit, Peace, Burnt, Sacrificial, and Tithe Offering ! 

And He both spoke and wrote the Ten Commandments, Himself (and wrote His Signature there sixteen times). 
So, the “Torah” is Holy, -is not passed away, -and does expect to attract more study, – than sin attracts.    
Silly and/or indifferent visitors need a sharp reminder by the King, Himself.   Jn. 5:37 ;  Matt. 28:20   
James 4:17 
Two groups of Scripture verses can clarify the letters of dear bro. Paul and distinguish between the

Temporary Procedures for Elohim’s Sacrifices and the Permanent Principles for Elohim’s Kingdom.  

Copies available. 

“In this world ye shall have tribulation”
This world is troubled by devils and curses and unrepentant sinners.
An “Elder”  realizes that the only thing he really ‘owns’ is his individual ‘resume’
of scriptural initiatives to be strong and do exploits ! Dan. 11:32b
When an Elder sees extreme grief that cannot be explained, he must remember bro.
Job because it happened to Job also.    Job never got an explanation but we can
see that when Job decided to “keep the faith” it was another public shame to Heylel
who started out with so much more, and lost it. Job 2:5,6     More important than that:
we who are going to Rule & Reign with the King need to see our own loyalties tested.

A “Novice” is not an “Elder”.
A “Novice” has not sought “Elohim” with Prophets’-length fasts.
A “Novice” has not lost employment or been arrested for public preaching.
A “Novice” has not had his faith tested by crippling, humiliating, invisible pain.
A “Novice” may not give-up his rights & privileges for the good of another person.
A “Novice” does not know the strongest rebukes to repulse a visit by The Slanderer.
A “Novice” has not had his faith tried by life-threatening conflicts dealing with the devil.
A “Novice” has not fought with prayer & fasting to cast out a devil from spouse or friend.
A “Novice” does not recognize a “visit” by The Slanderer, and is content to accept slander.
A “Novice” is too weak to “try the spirits” to demand truth, and is content to accept slander.
A “Novice” will acculturate and become comfortable among churches who ‘shoot the wounded’.
A “Novice” is oblivious that smiling non-converts may tear off his flesh with their teeth.  Ac.7:54
A “Novice” forgets Yah’s option to be selective:  Matt.11:27b ; 2 Thess.2:13 ; 1 Pet.1:2 ; Ac.10:41
A “Novice” should often hear The Comforter say:  “The joy of YaHUaH is my strength” !
A “Novice” should know YaHUaH’s name,  – even before conversion.   Gen. 4:1, 26 ;  Ex.20:2

See for yourself . . . ., high-school algebra . . . ., enjoy.
The odds against one man (who identified Himself with Elohim Almighty)
to fulfill 300 prophecies within 33 years, is greater than all the ATOMS
(not electrons) in the universe.  Even if we say merely 275 prophecies,
the odds are still true.        [using scientific notation as “powers-of-ten”]
(hint:  10^81    < is less than >   10^82) 


America the Beautiful ?
Not this generation of sinners !!
America has already disconnected from Elohim and gone too far.
America aborted over 50 million, and authorizes Homosexual marriage and refused to bless Israel.
Punishment is on the way.
This time I am not going to waste my time to provide the Scripture verses which prove it.

Fools and Idiots should just “run on outside and play”.
The Holy Spirit does not weep-over-you and plead, anymore.

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