(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His  TRUE  Name [either in admiration or in shame] !)  Philip.2:10 KJV
(No wonder Gd Almighty is sorry He ever made you, if you dont even want His Name.) Gen.6:6; Rom.1:28 KJV 

So . . . . The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him.”   Ps.37:32 KJV
So . . . . The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him.”  Brother Keen

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NOTE: This website is also aka
:  www.MyHolyName.com


Good Books   (and WebSites)   
thank their main contributors.
This one is dedicated to the One
Who paid my Ransom and Rescued me.
Polite warning: Judge the Message, not us Messengers.
” Man looketh on the outward appearance, but Elohim looketh on the heart !”
” Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not ! “

And if this website is to be our legacy, may it convey the Truth and Spirit and Authority of  ABBA, YaHUaH !
And it is a credit to precious parents who, for years, were traveling Pentecostal Evangelists, then Pastors.

Real Bible Threats One

If necessary, refresh website address bar to generate the BIG picture above.

The top line in the box above is the very signature of YaHUaH !



“From the rising of the Sun unto the going down of the same,
YaHUaH’s    N A M E   is to be praised.”
  Psalms 113:3

Holy Spirit does not inspire conflicting names.  Ex.3:15 c,h

This is Holy Ground !, offering Scriptural evidence.
On page 9  is REAL BIBLE PROOFS.

ɹǝpuɐןs beware !!!

[a fool] 

Our labor here
[ to restore & declare His Name ]
has already been very richly blessed. 

We are “speaking the truth in love“.  Eph.4:15

Truth “provokes” saints to love & good works.  Heb.10:24
Truth “provokes” jealous critics to ‘sow hated discord’.  Prov.6:19

All imitation Names & Phonics volunteer less Love & ProofDeu.28:49,58

Ezekiel 9:4
If you venture onto this battlefield,
you need an elementary reminder
(or be a forgotten statistic).

John 15:5 (KJV) 

I am the vine, ye are the branches:
He that abideth in me, and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit:
for without me ye can do nothing.
The fruit of this branch (website)
is the Restoration of YAH’s Name.
His TRUTH is ‘here to stay’.
Don’t mess with . . . . . . . .
“The Man of War” !  Ex.15:3   OK ?

It’s a battlefield, brother,
not a recreation room,
It’s a fight and not a game !
Cower if you want to, run if you will,
His TRUTH came here to stay ! 
(“the birds sing and the rats run”) 

In fact, if you “dare” to keep reading
you’re about to be surrounded by
TRUTH you cannot counter-argue
much-less disprove ! 

Matt.24:35 ; Mk.13:31 ; Lu.21:33
So, your lack-of-interest in this
cannot be blamed on a low IQ,
but blamed on a crooked heart. 

If –
you find any imperfections here,
just remember:  those better-educated
teachers were too deviant to tell you.
In fact, if you played-the-fool with
their name like they do YaHUShUA’S ,
they would give you a large  “F” !!
Cowards will slander our brave labors,
then plagiarize when it looks safe.

If –
you survive Scriptural “name-calling”
and this innovated format, you can
access this exceedingly precious truth.
To apply this exceedingly precious truth
you will want to get serious and be
righteously re-baptized, into the
Name of Yah (or YaHUaH/YaHUShUA).
Mark 16:16,17,18  !!!!!!!

Ps.  Trust us,  . . . . . . .  
we are not doleful, downer, dullards or
party-poopers“, — nope !  not at all !
This jolt of “sword & fire & hammer” and
Scriptural Threats serves to shame and
defeat 2000 yrs. of  ‘dumb & stubborn’

A first baby-step of insight can be
right there in Ps.68:4 and Ps.68:18.  KJV
Verse 4 says Heb#3050 = YAH !
Verse 18 says Heb#3050 = the LORD !
Jer.8:8 ;  Luke 20:45,46,47 ! 

A second baby-step of insight can be
to admit that the YAH in Hallelu-YAH is
the same sound and same word in every
language.    There is no E N G L I S H
substitute for Hallelu-YAH !!  or  for
our Savior’s name either.    OK ? 

A third babystep of insight can be
to see that (captain) Joshua  in the N.T.
has spelling identical to our Savior in the N.T.
N.T.             “Jesus = Jesus”
N.T.   “YaHUShuA = YaHUShuA”
THEN,  -then, keep the O.T.  YAH in the N.T.  name.
( Isaiah 43:11 !!!  +  Luke 2:11 !!! )

Get serious !!! ;  Grow up !
Don’t Die Dumb !


Dear Visitors & Students,

WELCOME toveryhidden truth !

This “Forbidden Knowledge” is
so sweet & precious, that
we sincerely regret
that it must be
by using

(who got beheaded)
was not welcome !!!!!
Neither is the name “YaH” !

Messiah was not too scared to say it.
He said you “do always resist the truth”
He said you are “a generation of vipers”.

“Pulpit Punks”
are scheduled to be judged
prior to Barack Obama !
1 Peter 4:17
1 Tim. 5:20

But at least we tell you for free
more than your hirelings
sell you for money.


Love Letter by YAH, and His War Manual (with “inside info” about killing Rebels) !

(NOTICE: UN-Truth gets so dangerous that we rush to change anything here readers prove UN-True.)

The ScripturesSword-of-The-Spirit (up to it’s HILT into Political Correctness). 2Jn.1:10; Matt.15:6
 HIS SWORD: like a Butcher w/meat-cleaver to eliminate all unrepentance ! Jn 14:24a; Rev.19:15 b,c

It’s severe because it’s supposed to sever like a sword, [-and we swing it !] Heb.4:12 ; Matt.10:34,35
Elohim calls His Word a “FIRE” and a “HAMMER”!  It’s to get your attention “no matter what it takes !”
Our power to boldly quote His Words comes to us by His promise in Acts 1:8.  We hope you will too !

Once upon a time . . . . The Savior said, “Thou hypocrite”.
He includes all of you weak, men-pleasers who invoke 2 Chronicles 7:14 and then avoid His Name !
Are you listening ?

Abomination of Abominations !!
YaHUaH and YaHUShUA  simplified the Way for Salvation by emphasizing one little word !
Yet weak “men-pleasers” (“dogs” Is.56:11) crave & crave to subvert even that one little word !
Weak “men-pleasers”

with authority know they should emphasize “YAH” >> one little word !
but they sow substitutes instead of YAH and reap contempt.
Intense craving to pervert makes them say “sacred” Name
instead of quoting Elohim with “HOLY” Name.
They also forfeit their crown over to men
who are “valiant for the Truth !
Weak “men-pleasers” will
even resist YaHUaH
when He restores,
His Hebrew.
Zep.3:9Psalms 68:4 ; Joel 2:32 ; Acts 2:21 ; Romans 10:13 ;
Acts 4:12 ; Luke 1:31 ((Luke 23:42,43))

Repeat !!
Extreme simplification for Salvation
was offered again by using
His Name, YaHUaH !
(Ps.118:26) Matt.23:39 ; Luke 13:35

The unrepentant (like devils)
just don’t have what it takes to edify,
much less repent for mis-leading others !
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † 
Matt. 24:4 ;  2 Thessalonians 2:10,11,12 !

Again & again . . . .

YaHUaH dictated that His Name is intended to become famous & great throughout the whole world.
You Disobedient Religious Authorities (low-lifes who subvert it), will reap commensurate contempt.
Woe !,  Woe ! , It’s time for you to learn “the fear of YaHUaH !”
 Acts 13:10
Furthermore, regarding the abominable suppression of “YAH”, we see another deliberate deception.
Paid hirelings are all willing to speak original Hebrew words like “Golgotha & Armageddon & Abba”.
Mark 14:36 ; Rom.8:15 ; Ga.4:6
paid hirelings are  N O T willing to honor an original, ancient Hebrew word called  “YAH”, which is
inspired thousands & thousands & thousands of places.   It is used as a prefix about 7,280 places,
and it is a stand-alone word perhaps a dozen times.  That count generally covers the places that
offer Elohim’s Holy Name and the name of “Joshua” and a variety of other individuals whose names
begin with “Yah”.

paid hirelings have stripped-away “YAH’ from every occurrence of the original Hebrew word “JEW”.
Yet “YAH” conveys the meaning :  “THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE”.
And if you don’t care, –
I thank my Savior everyday that somebody careless and hazardous like you ain’t MY  daddy !
Isaiah 58:1
Cry aloud, spare not ! ,
lift up thy voice like a trumpet
and show my people their transgression

We here are not mockers,
but it is mockable to watch hirelings (criminal pulpits)
yell at people to repent but won’t tell them what to repent of ! 
“Godly sorrow” (2 Cor.7:10)
needs to begin with “The Ten Commandments”. (1 Jn.3:4b)
REALIZE, REPENT, RECEIVE !   Rom.2:4 ! ! !

‘Artful dodgers’ avoid that
point of beginning.

For decades, weak men-pleasers were disgusted with us for saying His Mother didn’t call Him Jesus.

Birds want filthy scraps more than men-pleasers want the real Name of Him Who paid their Ransom.
How many threats does it take for men-pleasers to repent and submit and defend the Name of YAH ?

But recently they use Yeshua as their new trend, and the clowns dont even remember bruising us.
It is nice to see a few brave beginners now trust & obey & dare to use YaHUShUA’s Name. 1 Pet.4:14
Noah’s Ark, surrounded by clawing screamers, was one sure-cure for undecided rebels. 1 Kgs.18:21
And so, of course, the “foolish virgins” among us won’t even care until it’s too late for them. 

Also, it’s a shame to hear of dissenters more interested in us than in “God Almighty”.

Some secular dictionaries tell the world that “Joshua” originated as YaHUShUA !
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
Copyright © 2011
by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


Reverently now, let’s start off here with the SECOND most dangerous threat in the Bible:  Titus 3:10 !
If the Spirit of Truth has ever warned you once or twice, He tells us to never warn you again ! OK ?
Not concerned ?  Then you need to see the little trick He has planned for you.  2 Thess. 2:10,11,12 !

“No man can serve two masters” and “Depart from Me, I never knew you -“
“If there come any unto you and bring not THIS   D O C T R I N E ,   receive him not into your house.”

[[[ THIS   D O C T R I N E , was decided in Acts 15:5-29.  Four starting points + Sabbath + His Name. ]]]

(The FIRST, WORST, ULTIMATE, most dangerous threat in the Bible is so bad, we decided not to tell.)

The THIRD most dangerous threat in the Bible will charge us with murder if we won’t speak to warn you.

YaHUShUA is a Gentle Shepard,”meek & lowly”, so we use mellow negatives like men-pleaser (weakling).
(Men-pleaser does not express quite as much contempt as wicked & reprobates & fools & dogs & bastards

(Matt.5:17; Num.14:2
7) YaHUShUA describes men-pleaser (weakling) as a less-obedient “loser”.   Rev.3:11

Most men-pleasers are ignorant of His Name, yet Scripture says: Lev.4:27,28. Repentance is demanded !
We flex our valor and say that millions of you weak men-pleasers deprive converts of His Name YAH ! !

Men-pleasers using “jehovah” & “jews” take away YAH (His Name) which means:”The Self-Existent One”.
Mary never heard the words Jesus or “Jehovah” or “Jews”, yet men-pleasers screech to defend it !
Deviants expect their own name to be spelled right in “The Book of Life”, but won’t spell YAH !
The “Lukewarm” are so dull that they don’t even care that their crown is at risk !  Rev.3:11
The Devil has lies set & ready for you right now, to make you just “grin & go away”.

But the Holy Spirit is PLEADING WITH YOU to claim & proclaim “My Holy Name”.
John 16:8 ; Acts 2:37 ; 5:33 ; 7:54

Worldwide,  Politically Correct men-pleasers still avoid His Name like
the ancient contrary, murderous Pharisees:  Acts 4:17 ; 5:28; 9:21
Your latest teacher is probably a Politically Correct men-pleaser
but that does not mean YAH’s NAME was a P.C. men-pleaser !
1 Tim.5:20 
You apostates & “foolish virgins” won’t care about His Name.
The clawing screamers outside Noah’s Ark lost their chance.
Politically Correct
men-pleasers cower from His Name !
YaHUShUA said He came in His Father’s Name, but-
Politically Correct men-pleasers let you believe
YaHUShUA came with the name of Yeshua !
Jn.5:43; Jn.5:43
YAH’s Name infuriated those Pharisees.
YAH’s Name is not for weaklings !
Yeshua is Politically Correct.
evade His Name like
His murderers,
long ago.


This Sword
points you

We NEVER want to sound unkind, EVER,  BUT  Scripture is sharp like a sword. Don’t cheat on His name.
If you plan to get up into YaHUShUA’s Heaven by cheating, He says you are a thief & a robber.  Jn.10:1
One can even learn to spell the Name of Elohim perfectly, YET STILL DIE, -DAMNED TO HELL !  2Cor.3:6

Scripture asserts at least 14 different admonitions & mandates to establish the Grandeur of His Name !
Believe/Bless/Call-Upon/Declare/Fear/Glorify/Know/Love/Praise/Profane-Not/Reverence/Speak-In/Trust !
List is compiled & published by Elder Chuck Henry in his book,  Concordance: Scriptures on the Name.  

 Elders like us

find the Hebrew words
YaHUaH and Adonai

more descriptive & endearing than the words

“The LORD” and the lord.

Elders like us
find the Hebrew words
Elohim and Abba and Messiah

more descriptive & endearing than the words
God and daddy and Christ.

 Elders like us
know the difference between
YaHUDIM  and  Jews
            WE who praise YAH  and  YOU who rip it off ! 

 Elders like us
know the difference between
YaHUShUA  and  Yeshua
“The Self-Existent One Who is Salvation”  and  “he will save”

Elders like us
know the difference between
Heylel: Heb.  and  Lucifer: Latin
slanderer: Eng.  and  devil: Gr.  

 Elders like us
know the difference between
“My Law”: Exodus 31:18**   and  “The Law of Moses”: Deu.31:26

 **Jer.31:31,32,33 ; Heb.8:8,9,10  

 Elders like us
know the differences between
Christianity and Churchianity !
Acts 15:1+6 thru 28  and  Edict of Milan, 313A.D. 

Elders like us
don’t slow down for
stubborn types.  Matt.25:9

All of us converts are “stewards of the mysteries of God”.
One mystery is His contempt for cowardice. Num.14:32,33

But His Name is NOT one of His mysteries. 
But His Name is NOT one of His mysteries.
[Disposable people need to hear it again.] 

B.T.W.:  YAH is not the One Who hid it.

True, -you don’t have to study this,
but neither will Elohim share
HIS inter-diminsional authority
to some willing ignoramus like you.
1 Cor.14:38 ; Rev.22:11

True, -you don’t have to study this,
but neither will sincere Saints
entrust THEIR sweet affection
to some willing ignoramus like you.
1 Cor.14:38 ; Prov.22:11

Willing Ignoramuses are shameful Bible Runts.
They don’t-know & can’t-apply, what He said.
2Pet.3:18 ; Acts 17:30 ; Rev.3:8; 22:19; Jn.3:18

Politically Correct “Wimps”  (i.e. weak men-pleasers)
hide His Name, and will naturally hide like cowards during an attack.
The “MAN OF WAR” showed His contempt for cowards.  Exodus 15:3
YaHUaH decreed a slow death on cowardly jews and left them to rot in the wilderness. Num.14:32,33

Don’t you understand ?  Beginning in Eden, Heylel was sly and used a misquote to do infinite injury !
You who turn away from His Name are prodigal (traitorous) with a bad day in your future before Him.
You spiritually-dead-ones can’t care, but some here weep when we talk about the danger you are in.
Philippians 3:18 ; Ezekiel 9:4 ; Job 42:10 

Our talk may sound rough, but it really is the same you would also use to defend your own Father.
A few Bible threats apply to us sponsors, too: It is to love you as much as we warn you. 1Cor.13

NOTE: this format typeset is very unusual, -to draw some attention to a very unwanted truth. 

We are trying to convey conviction and persuade men everywhere toward YAH’s Name.

“My Holy Name” is so unwanted that GOOGLE  is almost never asked to search for it.

Politically Correct men-pleasers have Pontius Pilate as a chief example. Jn.19:12
They persist to use Yeshua due to their itsy-bitsy peer fear !  FEAR>>Rev.21:8
REMEMBER: If you don’t care what HE says, you ain’t goin’ where HE is.  OK ?

You won’t read all our website, so we do sprinkle some repeated warnings.

Weak Men-Pleasers don’t even understand all this, much less affirm us.

Jewish people always avoid the use of the name YAH,
and nowdays
so do all the “dull followers” in churchianity.  They all avoid even
the true Hebrew name YAHUDIM, to avoid the prefix of “YAH”.
Even translators complied.   See Strong’s: H#3050 – H#3092
With all due respect to Jewish people,   -you must listen
first to the Holy Spirit and to “jots & tittles” HE honors.
Then decide who exalts YaHUaH better: us or “Jews”.
(and our website is proof that we do obey Rev.18:4)

We’ll try to organize all this better, later. 1 Cor.1:27
(. . . but do you even want His Name anyway ??
— the love of many shall wax cold !  Matt.24:12b)

We here are DELIGHTED ! that the latest & greatest
Bible called CEPHER, F I N A L L Y spells the Fathers
Name our way thousands & thousands & thousands
of times.  Some wonderful Hebrew Roots websites
have changed from the silly Yeshua to YaHUShUA.
We are delighted & rejoiced that they changed.
But when WE OURSELVES changed,
we expressed much more
godly sorrow for
being wrong.

Nearly 3,000 different people are named Scripture.
27 of those names were used & re-used by dozens
of others.  All 27 begin with Father’s Name: YaHu.
Sassy, Anti-Holy-Namers can now be silenced by
the latest, greatest Bible, CEPHER, 1480 pages.
We here are DELIGHTED ! that those 27 names
(used and re-used by so many Bible people)
all appear in CEPHER and begin as: “Yahu”.
It complies with “YAHU”, which we teach.
(Bro. Allen & the Holy Spirit taught us.)
But it has been a very long, lonesome
twenty years as a ‘lone voice’ until
the CEPHER Bible was published
to confirm and encourage us.
Men-pleasers & hirelings
sure don’t !!

This Sword
points you

Evangelist Charles Spurgeon
comforts us with this compliment:

And if God give thee great faith, my dear brother,
thou must expect great trials;
for, in proportion as thy faith shall grow,
thou wilt have to do more, -and endure more.

Little boats may keep close to shore, as becomes little boats;
but if God make thee a great vessel,
and load thee with a rich freight,
He means that thou shouldest know what great billows are,
and should feel their fury till thou seest
“His wonders in the deep.” [hidden things]

Little boats lie about Acts 4:12 ,  OK ?
Elohim can be and has been selective.
His process of elimination does exist
and is busy. Don’t fool with it !

block below.


is the specialty of this page: One of Ten.

YaHUaH is a ”Man of War”, Ex.15:3
We are his ”Battle Axe”, Jer.51:20
Jn.3:18; 1Jn.3:23  

Thus saith YaHUaH

In Psalms 68:4b KJV [et al], “YaH”  means “the Self-Existent One” !
 THREATS: Rev.3:11; 2Thess.2:10,11,12, to disinterested visitors.

This page is full of real threats, and is rough !  Pray you survive.
We “hunger and thirst” (Matt.5:6), -and don’t slow down.  OK ?
If you (willingly
ignorant) can declare “Jesus Christ is Lord”,
then we here can declare “YaHUShUA Messiah is Adonai” !
If you catch us wrong or unloving, -speak up !1Kgs.18:24
This website is perfectly truthful & thankful. Are you ?

You are likely to call YaH anything ‘ol thing you dare.
But we tell you what we hear, by the Holy Spirit !
This Truth here should be more precious to you
than a huge treasure chest at your front door.
 But experience proves that you do not know
the name of your “god” and do not want to.

Therefore, you won’t be here very long.
Countless, notable religious authorities
were cowards with their opportunity
to tell you the Name of your God”.
This cutting SWORD has caused
some of them to begin to
tell you.  If they’re not
little thieves too,
they will thank
us for this
This Sword
points you

 ! (Rev.3:11) !


All converts are “stewards of the mysteries of God” 1Cor.4:1 ,
His Name

is NOT one of His Mysteries. 
He is not the One Who hid it.

 Some pages of this website are a humble, plantive seed. 
But all Truth here is “waxing” into a very great tree

and speaks out to rebuke you cursed men who
try make “My Holy Name” INEFFABLE.
Lu. 13:19 ; Lu. 8:11 

We are “stewards of the mysteries of God”  1 Cor.4:1 , BUT
His Name is NOT one of them.  He is not the One Who hid it.

True, -you don’t have to study this,
but neither will Elohim delegate
HIS authority to willing ignoramuses.  
1 Cor.14:38

True, -you don’t have to study this,
but neither will Saints
 THEIR affection to willing ignoramuses.  

True, -you don’t have to study this,
but you’ll be left with the Name of the Beast. 

Willing Ignoramuses are shameful Bible Runts.
Willing Ignoramuses don’t-know & can’t-apply, His truth.
2Pet.3:18 ; Acts 17:30

Will you just scoff & leave “YAHUAH” to be defended only by us ?
[Little Hebrew-letter vowel-points called shuwreq & qibbuts
(either one) can form that “U”-phonic.]
If both were to be applied to His Hebrew Name 
it may resemble YAHUWAH.      [YaHuUuaH]

sounds like nonsense to uneducated, mono-lingual
churchianity, but,
F.Y.I. the six-letter-name
(Heb.#3091) was the name used by the
greatest medieval Jewish Scholar,
Rabbeinu Moshe Ben Maimon,

Proud members in mono-lingual churchianity will gripe
when their personal, silly non-holy-name gets twisted.
(Ex. An overfed Seminary Prof. will give you an “F”.)

Leaders act like little prisoners, but when Ruth said,
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God
she became a YaHUDIM, surrounded by its cultures.

 Yah threatened you 3000years ago in Jer.12:16,17.

Substitute Names (& resentments) are a disgrace
 because Rev.21:27a expects YaH’s True Name.

This page
tries to convey Scriptural Threats.
We pray & appeal for your understanding.
You need to be convicted, remorseful,
repentant & receptive, about this.
Scripture expects us to speak
“reproof and correction”

2Tim.3:16, and to

><><>  A N D  <><><
will be resentful if
are called 

This Sword
points you

Matt. 5:19 

You were born with an ugly Birth Defect called a “DEAD spirit component”.  Eph. 2:1,5 ; 1 Tim.5:6
The “Silver Bullet” to kill your screeching denial is The Ten Commandments.  1Jn.3:4b
If you don’t care what He says, -you ain’t goin’ where He is.   OK ?
“Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”  Luke 13:3,5 !

Real Bible Threats One
If necessary, refresh website address bar to generate the BIG picture above.
Ps. 1:4b
Noah’s Ark showed the whole planet
the meaning of the word trash/chaff
(disposable people).
No love was lost. No remorse survived.
Proverbs 1:24 – 30     24  Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;  25  But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof:     26  I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;     27  When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.     28  Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:     29  For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of YaHUaH:    
30  They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof.

In closing Page One:
“-the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance”  Romans 2:4b 
Pity the poor churchpeople
whose leader never tells them
what sin is so that
they can repent of it.  
1 John 3:4  !!
Too often, today’s anemic little “altar calls” rarely demand repentance. 
The invitation to “receive Christ” resembles “gimme, gimme, gimme”.
Repentance is to feel “godly sorrow” for offenses & transgressions !

You are required by YaHUShUA to worship in “Spirit & Truth“. 
In fact as soon as you sear/burn your conscience
you are unable to hear the Spirit of Truth. 
He then gives no more invitations
and you would be identified as
a permanent reject called
OK ?
Rom. 1:28
(i.e. past “The Point of No Return”)
“-work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”  Philippians 2:12

N.T. church members compared the words of Paul to O.T. Scriptures.  Acts 17:11
Today’s educated churchjunk (Rev.3:16) are dumber, -much dumber !

Even devils know His Name.  Acts 19:15
If necessary, refresh website address bar to generate the BIG picture above.

Yah bless you !
Yours and His
 bro. Keen



Worlds Only (?) Holy Name Street Preacher !  1Cor.1:21 !  

Rev. 2:26

May the ones with the most love, gain authority ! 
We who restore & declare His Name, shine-out with the most loving fellowship.

That is the nature of the finest mastery !   1Cor.9:25 !   Let’s hear it again !

1 Kings 3:26,27

Please write and tell us if you obeyed the Holy Spirit in this !
That’s when our joy !! happens and all our costs feel repaid.
Some of you won’t thank us for telling you about His Name.
But we are different from you.
We “have what it takes” to
give honor.   Rom.13:7
We thank our teacher,
again & again,
as long as
we live.

Paleo-Hebrew lettering evolved from pictographs of common objects.
THE HEART(unseen) was not depicted like the foot or hand or arm or head.
But now it is a world-famous pictograph to convey tender endearment. Rom.14:14
The  GENEVA  TRANSLATION, printed in 1599 A.D.  used a giant heart-shape on the Title Page.
Disregard any dis-honorable usage.   There is now no other symbol to convey such sweet endearment

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